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Metal injection moulding of superralloy components


Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) has become an important technology for the manufacture of small, complex components. However the restricted supply of fine alloy powder has limited the technology to a few metal systems. Increasing demand from original equipment manufacturers to produce complex functional components required to operate in arduous environments could be met by MIM technology if advantage can be taken of the newly available fine gas atomised superalloy powders. The objective of this project is to enable the MIM industry, mainly SMEs, to produce net shape components in these superalloys. The manufacture of such components by MIM will lead to substantial cost savings as these alloys are difficult to machine or cast. It is expected that savings of 20-80% on costs could be realised depending on numbers required. End-users and suppliers of high performance, complex components (also mainly SMEs) will therefore gain the possibility of producing the components at lower cost. Maps for the MIM processing of four superalloy compositions will be produced through a structured series of experiments moulding, debinding and sintering a range of components of interest to the partners. These processing maps will remove the need for expensive trial and error development for MIM processing future components in these alloys and allow the end-users further flexibility in their design of components.

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