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Thinnest wall die casting by high tool temperature using reinforced insulation boards


At the moment, the automotive industry is panning the application of highly - integrated light metal die cast body structure components in the next car generation. Thus, thin wall pressure die casting will become a booming branch in the metal casting industry. Especially automotive companies, the main customers of the SME foundries are very keen on a pressure die casting process tailored for the near net-shape production of light weight thin wall castings for the car body structure. The supplying networks of SMEs must be able to fulfil this need in an economical way. The aim of the project is to develop a technology that will enable to produce economically thin wall pressure die castings like complex car body structure components and cases for electronic equipment. Taking full advantage of the available pressure die casting machines, savings will be of the order of about 25% to 30%. Additionally, the advanced temperature control will save another 10% to 20% of costs by saving preheating energy, shortening the run-in process and by reducing the reject rate distinctively. Applying the "thinnest wall" die casting technology, the European SME foundries are enabled to respond to the future requirements of the car industry. As a by-product, the developed procedures will be applied in the conventional pressure die casting process to increase process reliability.

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