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Development of a new plastic material for a water resistant sealing of orifices in the automobile industry


The car makers must seal many holes in the bodies of the cars occurring during the different phases of the process due to other operations to undertake through these holes, such as paint inside the body structure or anti-corrosion protection.. These holes are actually sealed with two technical systems, the first one with a single material, the second one with a two-pieces material. But in both cases the results are good but not enough good to be practised easily during the industrialisation process or the system does not allow a total waterproof security. Obtaining a 100% security in the efficiency of a new plastic system for closing these peculiar points of weakness in an automobile would be a great progress in terms of enhancement of the bodies quality for a longer duration of the resistance of the body car. The research will be conducted in a way of: - studies to conduct the research on the product qualities required - developing new mixed components plastic materials - validation, testing and controls - optimisation of the results - patenting the research results. This innovation will be usable by all the automobile industry worldwide.


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