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Prediction of component thickness in the blow moulding process


PREDICTION OF COMPONENT THICKNESS IN THE BLOW MOULDING PROCESS A desirable feature of the blow moulding process is the prediction of component thickness. This would allow designers and manufacturers to better position material thus optimising the structural requirements of the part whilst minimising material usage. Accurate thickness prediction would further allow a full structural model of the part to be analysed. The objective of this project is to assess those factors affecting the prediction of wall thickness and construct a model capable of making the necessary calculations. This will involve polymer material characterisation and an understanding of polymer melt physics. The model developed will be validated by the SME consortium using a broad range of materials and component shapes to ensure accuracy is achieved. The SME's will define the accessible inputs and required outputs needed from the analysis. As the blow moulding process gains importance in the manufacture of structural parts this innovation will ensure more widespread usage as confidence in the process grows. Raw material savings alone have been estimated to be in excess of 13.65MECU

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Grabor Plastics Ltd
Bulmer road
CO10 7HJ Sudbury
United Kingdom

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