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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Development and Implementation of a New Gear System for High Speed Reduction Ratios


Three different applications of the system have been developed, corresponding to three different requirements of the gearbox manufacturers in the consortium and specified by the end-users since the first phases of the project. The single face configuration was considered in the design for such applications. The following two prototypes were produced:

o a prototype of a gearbox for small size applications (NUGEAR SSA), such as for portable electrical devices (drilling tools) or for small components of the automotive industry powered by electrical motors (wind-screen wipers);
o a prototype of a gearbox for medium size applications (NUGEAR MSA), such as for conveyors or cranes powered by electrical motors.

The detailed design and the manufacturing of the NUGEAR Medium Size Application showed that the maximum size requirements allow NUGEAR MSA to be competitive with epicycloidal reducers available on the market, even at relative low reduction ratios (30:1), in terms of overall dimension. In the case of the NUGEAR Small Size Application, it was shown that the simple configuration (reduction ratios up to 3000:1 with only four bevel gears) can yield to major saving in manufacturing cost in respect to reducers available on the market.

The project results consist also of the detailed design of the prototype of a gearbox for large size applications (NUGEAR MSA), and of the user-friendly interactive software tool, named DNGEAR, to be used by the SMEs in the consortium, and providing support to designers in developing a NUGEAR system. In this software tool a step-by-step procedure has been conceived in order to provide the user with a continuous monitoring of the design process. Design parameters may be verified and/or modified after each step by the user. Prompts for input data are written on the screen and more possible configurations of NUGEAR are proposed to the user.
The objective of this project is to develop and implement an innovative gear drivetrain system for the transmission of motion, when high reduction ratios are required. NUGEAR couples the mathematical concept of nutation with bevel gears. The proposed system has the following major advantages: o simple configuration (low number of parts) which will reduce the manufacturing cost from 20 to 40 percent, depending on the application; o multiple tooth engagement, which will reduce the need for high-strength gear material, allow high torque transmittal capability, and increase the reliability of the system; o high efficiency, which will reduce energy consumption. It is therefore the aim of this project, to develop all the necessary background including an innovative design methodology, able to support the designer in the exploitation of the peculiarities of the nutating gear drivetrain. The outcome of the proposed project will be: o a new gear drivetrain system with low cost, high efficiency and reliability, low noise and vibration emission; o an improved design tool to provide support to SMEs in selecting the proper configuration of NUGEAR, understanding the behaviour and predict the evolution of damage related to service life. The relevance of the proposed research is confirmed by the large number of SMEs (9) involved, mainly manufacturers of gearboxes, interested in developing the NUGEAR system for the future exploitation in their respective markets. To assure the maximum chances of success of the proposed project, the RTD performers have been selected among leading centers of excellence in Europe. The proposed project complies with the scientific and technological objectives of the Industrial & Material Technologies Programme, and in particular with Research Tasks 1.1.1.S (adaptation and application of new technologies including modelling and simulation), 1.1.2.S (implementation of user friendly technologies), 1.2.3.S (abatement of noise and vibrations), 1.4.2.S (development of improved simulation tools), 2.2.2.S (integrated tools for applications in traditional sectors), 2.3.2. M (development of new and improved structural analysis methods).

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