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Innovative biodegradable packaging material obtained from waste products of leather shaving


The project aims at obtaining a biodegradable packaging material obtained from tanning industry waste. Various types of waste resulting from the vegetable tanning process were examined. The innovative material to be produced must conduct a packaging or filling function efficiently. Biodegradability is the characteristic peculiar to the innovative material. This requirement, together with its fertilizing properties, pemmits its use in agriculture and/or composting plants. The project will lead to the carrying out and experimentation of a pilot treatment plant made up of the following main units: grinding, reagglomeration, drying. Appropriate experimental surveys will be accomplished in order to evaiuate the performances of the material for packaging or filling as also for fertilizing. According to the results that will emerge from the experimental tests, the optimization of the treatment cycle will be carried out. With specific reference to industrial aspects, the project pursues the following objectives: - resolution of problems connected to diffcult management and expensive waste discharge (vegetable tanning industry, shoe industry); - individuation of the real and potential market for the product used as biodegradable and innovative packaging material (packaging industry); - individuation of the real and potential market for the product used as fertilizer and humus substance (fertilizing industry, agriculture, composting). These results lead to obvious economic consequences for the industrial sectors that are connected to the various phases of the initiative: lowering of costs for waste producers, economic advantages for users, both in the packaging phase and in the final fertilizing phase. Social implications must be related to the opening of new market and to the solution of impact problems (tanning industry waste, non-biodegradable packaging waste).Finally, from a purely technical point of view, the main aim consists in carrying out a material that is capable of competing (costs, performances: specific weight, mechanical resistance etc.) with traditional packaging elements (generally non-biodegradable) at least for certain specific sectors of the market. Within the Brite Euram programme, the present project may be placed in the technical areas No 2 (subareas 2.1 e 2.4.) e No1 ( sub-area 1.3).

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