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Rapid production of tooling

Exploitable results

A group of techniques for direct production of tools utilizing LMTs has been developed. The developed techniques are based on the most advanced technologies in manufacturing (LMTs and Concurrent Engineering), covering all processes from design through finishing, suitable for direct production of inserts for injection moulding and die casting tools. The research also addressed other issues relevant to tool production such as analysis of manufacturing constraints on part and tool design. Three innovative methods were successfully investigated in the project. The result has been initially applied to several pilot projects and then successfully applied by the project partners in their commercial projects. The SME partners have benefited in time saving and risk reducing. The RPTOOL project is aimed at helping SMEs with advanced manufacturing technologies (Rapid Prototyping and Tooling) to increase their competitiveness. In addition to disseminating the results, services are available and collaborations are encouraged. The target market for the project results is the Rapid Product Development (RPD) sector of the EU economy dominated by SMEs. With the growing market for short run manufacturing tools in real materials, the result will be applied to any sector requiring plastic parts.