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Active system for vibration isolation and acceleration compensation for vehicle embarked equipment and persons


This project aims at the des delopment of an active system to isolate and compensate, up to a certain extent, the equipment and persons inside a vehicle from the vehicle vibrations and accelerations in all directions. The main objective of this development is to reduce the negative effects of vibrations and accelerations on embarked equipment and persons. The device to be developed will be composed of three main subsystems: - A motion sensor unit installed on the vehicle, to acquire the main - motion parameters of the vehicle: speeds, accelerations, inclinations, etc. A small mobile platform, to where the equipment transported or the passengers' seats will be attached. This plat.fonn will move actively, driven a set of actuators, to damp and compensate vibrations,acceleration and inertial forces generated by the motion of the vehicle. It will be designed so that it will tilt to compensate inertial forces generated during vehicle acceleration/braking/turns and will have vertical displacement to actively damp vertical vibrations. The mobile platform actuation system will be either hydraulic or electric, depending on the available energy source in the vehicle on which it will be mounted. An embarked control system for the overall system command. Regarding control, an adaptative/predictivecontrol scheme will be implemented, in order to minimise the response time of the system and to adapt the reponce to the vehicle motion characteristics. The field of application of this system covers all types of land, see and air vehicles, particularly those communicating to the embarked equipment and passengers bigger inertial forces and vibrations: off road vehicles, ambulances, agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, motor launches, trucks, etc. It is also foreseen the use of this device in more comfortable vehicles, such as passenger cars, buses, air liners, ships, etc., aiming the increment of passengers comfort and the reduction of passengers dizziness and fatigue. This device is also directed toward the safe transport of handicapped persons in vehicle. It is particularly important the application of the proposed system to the vehicle driver seats, in order to reduce professional diseases and fatigue of drivers/operators and improve substantially their working conditions. The decrease of driving fatigue will have a significant effect in the reduction of the number of accidents caused by this factor. In case of vehicle collision or crash, the system will detect the situation and will react activating whatever additional safety system mounted on the vehicle. Therefore, ACTISEAT will be integrated with the rest of the safety devices of the vehicle.

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