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A Tool for Integrated Information on Environment for Industrial pro cesses and materials


Environmental affairs are becoming more important also to SMEs due to the requirements from large companies and other customers. To survive in the competition with companies from other parts of the world it is very important for them to be able to produce satisfactory environmental information on their products and production. All participating SMEs have strongly felt a need of presenting such information to their customers to gain competitive advantage. We estimate that 20% of all SMEs in the manufacturing industry in Europe have a need of producing this kind of information. Life cycle assessments (LCA) are useful tools for this purpose. The problem is that LCA is a complicated and time consuming method that requires expert knowledge and is therefore not possible to use for most SMEs. A tool for performing LCAs more easily will be developed. The earlier feasibility study gave an idea of a tool that is simple to use but still can give results of a sufficient quality. A consortium of SMEs with different requirements on the tool, research institutes with experience from LCA and an LCA software developer will guarantee the necessary competence for the project. The project will give results suitable for exploitation: Databases, modules for different materials and processes containing data and interactive script and also a software tool.

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