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Design for all

Exploitable results

Design For All is the designing of products, services and systems so that they are: flexible enough to be directly used, without assistive devices or modifications, by people with the widest possible range of abilities and circumstances as is commercially practical, given current materials, technologies, and market knowledge; compatible with assistive technology products that might be used by those who cannot efficiently access and use the products directly; The target users are older persons aged 55 and over with age-related disabilities, voluntary unskilled helpers, installers, disabled and able-bodied persons. The possibilities of both the concept and the technology developed within the project indicated the sound potential of the safety & security market for this target group approach. Design For All allows the: · extension of independent living by means of a low cost, widely available, homes system concept, interoperable with standard and dedicated assistive devices; · integration of Design For All in the consumer marketing industry, availability of NEW radio frequency technology to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), interoperability with European Home Systems and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and modularity of the system which is open to company specific developments targeting different markets and backgrounds; · development of a low cost consumer product providing care and assurance in the daily lives of older persons. This leads to a less stigmatizing approach to the challenges of older persons. The wide availability through normal shops maximizes the acceptance of these products. Project URL: