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Giving the home a brain

Multi-purpose remote control security system orchestrates home appliances, the home, environment and monitors the security functions as well.

Climate Change and Environment

HOMEBRAIN defines new scope in home security and surveillance methods that brings you not only peace of mind, but also the ability to change the security status at home and the capability to expand and adapt home security to future needs. Easily installed, HOMEBRAIN is specifically manufactured with the security of the elderly in the home in mind, but its remote capacity allows you to protect the house when you're away too. It consists of surveillance devices with a difference. This surveillance system, being integrated with home devices, can control appliances in the house that you would be able to turn on or off. So not only would it be able to visually monitor the security status of your house, you'd be able to remotely change it too. HOMEBRAIN was designed for simplicity of use so that its uncomplicated structure and integration guarantees home security and safety in either “normal”, “safe home”, or “away” functionality that's easy to monitor and fail-safe to use simply because HOMEBRAIN does not require cognitive prowess to operate. A simple touch of a button institutes whatever status is desired throughout the house. Moreover, HOMEBRAIN can be controlled from any point within the home, through the touch of a button or the command of a spoken word, as it is fully integrated to receive verbal commands. Being smart about home security is all about having a smart home.

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