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Siemens is proposing a new planar concept with metal separator plate for the ceramic oxide fuel cell (SOFC) reactor. Main goal of the preparation phase was the development of single SOFC cells with internationally comparable power data. The development of the ceramic compounds and the metal separator plate for the planar Siemens SOFC concept can be summarized as follows: manufacture of electrolyte bulk material by the mixed oxide process as well as from chemically prepared YSZ materials (FSZ and PSZ); physicochemical characterization of these electrolyte specimens; sintering studies with various tape casted electrolyte materials; development of a sintering process for a flat plate electrolyte with dimensions 100 x 100 x 0.15 mm{3}; manufacture of cathode bulk material in the system La(1-u)Sr(u)Mn(1-x)Co(x)Mn03 by the mixed oxide process; physicochemical characterization of these cathode specimens; manufacture of anode bulk material of 10 to 100% nickel content by the mixed oxide process; physicochemical characterization of these anode specimens; development of a screen printing technique for electrodes; manufacture of ceramic trilayers by tape casting screen printing; design and construction of a bench cell testing facility; bench cell testing of ceramic trilayers with various anode compositions; selection of suitable high temperature metal alloys; determination of mechanical and physical properties of the alloys; corrosion behaviour of the alloys; development of joining techniques.

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