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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Advanced long life blade turbine systems (ALLBATROS)


Objectives and problems to be solved:
The objective of this project is to increase efficiency, reliability and maintainability of industrial gas turbine blades and vanes by developing new high-resistant coatings and by increasing fundamental understanding of the behaviour of these coatings. The innovative coatings will lead to an increase of turbine efficiency and to a decrease of emission levels (by increasing efficiency and by the possibility of using recovery gas as combustion gas in the turbine). The aim is also to use predictive life models to design long life turbines in order to lower maintenance and energy operating costs. Description of the work: The performance of conventional reference blade coatings is studied both theoretically and experimentally. An up-scaling development of innovative coatings is operated in order to supply coated vanes and blades for engine tests. The innovative coating systems are tested and compared with the reference ones in order to assess their performance and to get materials data. Isothermal, cyclic oxidation and corrosion tests (with the use of high pollutant content fuel), DBTT (Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature) measurements, acoustic emissions, microstructure investigations, creep resistance, thermo-mechanical tests, physical property measurements are performed. This will lead to optimal engine coating selection. In parallel, three predictive models in oxidation, corrosion and thermo-mechanical behaviour are developed and validated by experimental coating tests and sophisticated microstructure investigations. To assess the performance of the selected innovative coatings under turbine operating conditions and to validate a durability model (based on the results of the three models), engine tests are performed on coated (cooled and uncooled) blades and vanes. Expected results and exploitation plans: The main results include:
the definition of new coatings for engines; experimental data about coating systems performance;
oxidation, corrosion and thermo-mechanical models;
and an assessment of the predicted life models. The increased turbine inlet temperature will give an increase in power output or an increase in fuel efficiency. This increased efficiency of gas turbines will make a major contribution to limiting the gas imports to the Union. In addition, the development of gas turbines to burn bio-fuels and coal gasification fuels will help maintain the diversity and hence the security of energy supplies as well as reduces imports.

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