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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Development of a mw scale wind turbine for high wind complex terrain sites (MEGAWIND)


Objectives and problems to be solved:
The achievement of a high penetration of wind energy mainly in the Southern part of Europe, but also in some parts of Central and Northern Europe is directly related to installing of large capacity turbines in mountainous complex terrain. The challenge for the European industry is twofold:
· to develop procedures circumventing the barriers set to transport and erection of MW-size machines in areas of limited infrastructure, and
· to reduce costs by means of design optimisation and tailoring.
MEGAWIND will formulate such procedures and apply them to the design and construction of a 1.3 MW prototype to be installed in a high wind site in Southern Europe.
Description of work:
The conventional wind turbine design procedure will be revised and adapted in the following four aspects: Blade design: The geometry of the blade will be optimised for maximum energy capture under high wind speed conditions. The structural design will be carried out for a split blade concept. Tower design and construction: On-site manufactured towers, featuring composite materials shells and concrete kernels will be introduced. The design will support self-erection of the turbine. Gearbox and drive train: The entire drive train will be specifically designed for high wind conditions aiming at the development of a highly reliable, low cost, low weight geared drive system. Special attention will be given to the gearbox in order to achieve very low noise emission. Transport and erection: The compact design concept (split blades, on-site tower construction, light-weight components) will facilitate machine transportation under reduced infrastructure requirements. A self-erecting system will be implemented. The wind turbine design shall be implemented according to the IEC 61400-1 standard using state-of-the-art tools, extensively validated in complex terrain applications. The performance of the prototype and its components will be evaluated through systematic testing within MEASNET practice. Expected results and exploitation plans: MEGAWIND has been designed to overcome the bottlenecks that hinder the full exploitation of large capacity machines in complex terrain.
In particular:
· the MW-size technology will be applied to complex terrain
· a MW-size machine will be designed for high wind speed
· a compact design concept is introduced for easier and cheaper transportation and erection of large wind turbines, and· the construction of a prototype machine will verify the design approach.

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