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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Development, characterisation and scaling of atomizers for a combustion technology that offers significant fuel savings and drastic reductions in both co2 and no emissions ('OIL-TECH')


Our proposal is concerned with High Temperature Air Combustion (HTAC) technology for refinery heaters and industrials furnaces fired with oil. The technology utilizes heat regeneration at the burner that allows the combustion air to be pre-heated to temperatures up to 1300°C./ Fuel savings up to 30% are feasible, and dramatic reductions in NO emissions are achievable. Heat fluxes of the order of 350 KW/m² were observed, together with an excellent uniformity of the heat flux distribution. Recent trials demonstrated that the key to a successful application of the HTAC technology is in oil atomisation. Within the projects we will
(a) design twelve oil atomizers for the HTAC,
(b) assess their performance under isothermal and combusting conditions, and
(c) develop a theory for scaling of oil atomizers.
All the project deliverables have been achieved. The programme has been extended to include an additional scale (thermal input) of 300 kW. We have developed a number of oil atomizers that guarantee particulates emissions substantially lower than the 50 mg/Nm3 limit when firing a heavy fuel oil, see Figure 2. In order to keep the CO-emissions level below 10 ppm, the furnace exit oxygen level have to be kept typically above 2%.

Figure 2. Particulates emissions for different atomizers (1 MW thermal input). When firing a light oil the particulates emissions have been always below 10 mg/Nm3. Under very specific conditions at 8 kW thermal input the optimized HTAC process has delivered zero NOx and zero CO furnace emissions. Graphs showings the atomizer scaling relationships have been generated.

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