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Development, characterisation and scaling of atomizers for a combustion technology that offers significant fuel savings and drastic reductions in both co2 and no emissions ('OIL-TECH')


A combustion technology offering significant fuel savings and drastic reductions in both CO2 and NO emissions has been developed. The OIL-TECH project's two main results include: - Methodology of designing HTAC systems fired with oil so as to minimize the fuel consumption and minimize the NOx and CO emissions: The High Temperature Air Combustion technology provides tremendous fuel savings and low emissions of pollutants including NOx, CO and particulates. In order to achieve these goals with oil firing a comprehensive understanding of the in-furnace fluid dynamics and chemistry is needed. Oil atomisation and in particular positioning of the atomizers within the furnace is a critical factor. The project has provided the know-how on this process. Inappropriate designs might result in excessive particulates and CO emissions. - Graphs and a theory on scaling of the atomizers: Scaling of oil atomizers is a very difficult technical problem. Practically there is no appropriate theory on atomizer scaling. The project generated some (limited) information on scaling of the four types of atomizers (Y-jet, FF, AIAA and AR) over a flow rate range from 0.8kg/h to 160kg/h.

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