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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Integrated water recycling and emission abatement in the textile industry


Summary: The Biological Activated Carbon Oxidative Filter concept was tested on an aerobically pre-treated wastewater of a carpet factory. This test revealed vital information for the design and the scale-up of the BACOF reactor technology as a cost-effective holistic polishing treatment aiming at water recycling.
Summary: PAC amended Ultrafiltration polishing and Biologically Activated Carbon Hollow Fibre Filtration were tried out on a lab and semi-pilot scale in the field of advanced treatment of testile wastewaters.
Summary: Research was conducted by Biotim for the implementation of polishing steps (Ultrafiltration, Activated Carbon Filtration, Ozonation etc.) after a combined physico-chemical/biological treatment in a jeans finishing plant in Belgium. After three years of research on lab and pilot scale, it was concluded that up to 70% water re-use is technically feasible.

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