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Automated procedures for integration of image and map data for change detection.


This proposal is in response to a call for proposals in the
European Community Environment and Climate programme which specifies a need in Theme 3 (Space techniques applied to environmental monitoring and research), Area 3.1.1 (methodological research), for the development of generic tools and techniques for automated pre-processing, interpretation and integration of remotely sensed and ground data. This proposal directly responds to the requirement for more accurate, robust and automated procedures for geometric correction, techniques for image segmentation and feature extraction and integration of Earth observation data in GIS.
The primary objective is to develop a software which will
automatically register images to maps, or other reference systems, and detect change which has taken place between the time of compilation of the map and images at various subsequent times. The system will handle all types of optical and microwave image data from high resolution optical data to medium resolution data such as Thematic Mapper and ERS data. Such a system will greatly facilitate the use of data from earth observation and speed up the operations of environmental monitoring and the detection of change due to long term or short term processes.
The secondary objectives are to bring together a transnational team of scientists and users which will cover a wide range of European cultures and to make use of these skills for the benefit of application scientists and users throughout the Community.
The consortium
The consortium includes universities from UK, Germany, Sweden and Portugal; an international government sponsored production agency from Spain and a commercial company from UK. The project would make use of the following skills and experience:
- combined complementary research and development skills and experience of all the partners;
- the experience and success of EOS in designing and implementing systems for handling data from EO sensors;
- the experience of WEU in using data from different sensors for monitoring; - experience running and managing previous projects of this type. Outline
This proposal first sets out the background to the requirement for automated registration of images and maps and for change detection and then examines the work done and the base from which to start such a project. Detailed proposals for the system are presented with a breakdown of tasks into workpackages and details of organization and management procedures. The proposal is analysed in terms of strengths and weaknesses and the risks assessed and a minimum system for success is specified. The benefits to the community are set out and details of the consortia and the personnel involved given.

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