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Recycling of rejects


Rejects from the production if industrial and consumer goods contain new components, most of them functioning. Until now, in most cases only the raw materials are recovered. Systematic investigations for a large number of products have shown that components and parts can be recovered for re-use after dismantling.The potential for the reduction of production costs and reduction of the costs for waste management is not yet use. The results from dismantling of products can be used by the manufacturers to improve their products by reducing the number of defects and by improvement of the design for recycling. Manufacturers and recycling-companies will collaborate in the research project to develop a reliable method to decide if comonents and parts are suitable for re-use considering technical and economic factors. The aim is to reduce the amount of wastes from production, to make sure that the recycled components meet the necessary quality standards and to reduce the production costs. New concepts for (partially) automated working places have to be developed. Further, it is necessary to prepare a program for training of qualified technical personnel.


Evic Electronics BV
6100 AB Echt

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Selectronik Computer Recycling GmbH
45529 Hattingen