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Fire events risk assessment through remote sensing


The project submitted attempts at demonstrating the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of Earth Observation satellite data in the assessment of forest fire risk over the Mediterranean area for better organization and coordination of air intervenion during forest fire control and extinction operations by National Civil Protection bodies. A "prototype" information system will be developed, containing enhanced earth observation products, to be integrated to the Civil Protection decision-making process.
In the Mediterranean Countries millions of hectars of forest areas burned in the last years. This causes huge human life and property losses and strong environmental degradation.
The operational problems tackled in the project are the following. The Civl Protections have the need to optimise the surveillance operations strategy of air means available for forest fire fighting and extinction, using reliable indications about the maximum fire risk areas. Up to now the only indications are provided by a fire risk index based on weather variables measured mainly at point locations.
The FIERS project has the aim to assess the operational feasibility of computation, dissemination and use of a real time forest fire risk index generated from daily AVHRR data (Vegetation Indexes and Surface Temperature ) at 1x1 km resolution.
The methodology at hand is quite consolidated, having being tested in many research activities and in particular in the EC MINERVE project (IV RTD Framework Programme-Environment and Climate) where three of the participants to the present proposal were present.
The measurable obiectives and deliverables of the system will be: - preoperational systems to generate and disseminate to Civil ProtectionNational organizations a daily forest fire risk index derived from AVHRRdata enabling them to better plan surveillance and extinction activities,which includes the following components:
- satellite data acquisition and processing
- risk index computation
- index maps dissemination
- GIS for integrated analysis and generation of operational decision support information
- elements of cost-effectiveness of the method
French and Italian Civil Protection Organizations will be both customers of the project and partners. As a consequence they will participate in all the stages of the project and in particular in the initial definition of the information requirements, the specification of the product, its validation, and the evaluation of the reliability and potential cost effectiveness of the use of Earth Observation in this application.
Through its interaction with the CEO enabling service, information on a regular basis will be provided. In particular, CEo enabling services will be used to: - state of the art information search (methodology+other experiences) - make available catalogue of data and products generated by the project - project results advertising

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