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The selective extraction of fluoride from drinking water by the use of conditioned zeolites


Currently more than 80 million people world wide suffer from fluorosis caused by too high fluorine contents (above 2 mg/1) in the water they drink, caused by anthropogenic (fertilizers) and natural sources. The aim of this project is to develop a pilot scale low cost environmental technology to reestablish the the quality of underground water which has been affected by pollution, by selectively extracting fluoride and other toxins. The technology is completely new and is based on fluorine absorption by modified zeolites. Tests indicate it can yield several m3 drinking water per hour which can supply the needs of small villages. The technology used produces a reduction of 70 80% F in water initially containing more than 2.5 mg/1 F. In particular the process will be aimed at high fluorine bearing drinking or ground water which is often the only source of water in some rural areas. The technology will have application through wide regions of Central Europe and beyond. The technology has been developed on a laboratory scale by the SME core proposers will be carried further with the input of the RTD performers. The development of this technology is of major importance to the SME's since it corresponds to their core activities.

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