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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Holistic integration of mcfc technology towards a most effective systems compound using biogas as a renewable source of energy ('EFFECTIVE')


The Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell technology (MCFC) was developed with natural gas. The technical risks are still high even for natural gas as fuel. The MCFC-technology is feasible for Biogas as a fuel but needs significant RTD. Biogas as fuel to the known CHP's has been proven in the recent 10 years. However, electricity production out of Biogas is limited to low efficiency and with heat that in most cases can't be used in a reasonable way. MCFC enable the production of electricity, reducing the heat production (which is then valuable high temperature heat) to a minimum. MCFC using Biogas as fuel is a novel and innovative approach that has never before been taken into consideration. The MCFC's are most suited for using Biogas as fuel, and a Pre-Processing Unit will have to guarantee the gas standards for the MCFC. Because of the potential for MCFC/Biogas plants, the project will also focus on the integration of MCFC/Biogas plants in ES and SK. An experimental prototype will be installed in AT.

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