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Content archived on 2024-05-23

Production and verification of the 2nd generation of ac-modules ('PV2GO')


A new generation of AC modules is designed, prototyped and tested in laboratory and European field conditions. The AC modules are designed for reliable operation during the typical PV module lifetime of twenty years, the cost of production is strongly reduced in comparison to current technology, and the efficiency of the PV module and the inverter allow high-energy yields. Through demonstration of the state-of-the-art technology in European regions with limited experience with this modular PV system concept, a further expansion of the market is envisaged. At the same time it is the opportunity for both the end-user and the utility company to get acquainted with this technology. The feedback on the technical performance and the overall satisfaction of these demo-systems will provide useful input for the design of the 2nd generation technology in power-electronics packaging. Not only the product itself but also the manufacturing process will be the subject of detailed analysis and improvements will be suggested to enable large scale production of the 2nd generation AC-module aiming at a breakthrough in cost of PV systems.
The project results relate to a study of interactive advertising on the Internet, interactive TV and mobile communications, the role of interactive advertising in the marketing mix, the aspirations of advertisers, the contribution to brand building and relevance of click-through rates. References made to standards and measurement of advertising effectiveness. Guidelines are provided for the use of interactive advertising.

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