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Advanced management and surveillance of wind farms ('CLEVERFARM')


Objectives and problems to be solved: The idea behind this project is to take the by now many very advanced techniques developed for optimising and enhancing the performance of wind farms, integrate them into one system and implement the system at a number of wind farms. The techniques include remote measuring of the status and production of the wind farm, short-term prediction of the expected power output from the wind farm, models for wake calculations, remote control of wind farm production and so on. By combining these techniques we will make the wind farm seem intelligent to an outside viewer. For example, the wind farm will send immediate warnings to the maintenance crew if something goes wrong. It will also send e-mail to the electrical utility (and power brokers) containing its expected production over the next two days, it will suggest optimal periods for preventive maintenance, it will reduce its production if it experiences an extreme weather condition or if the power quality drops, it will give the wind farm operator real time images from the wind farm and so on. Description of work: The main work to be carried out in the project will be to identify and streamline the existing techniques (hardware and software), to develop the "intelligence" of the system and to implement and test the developed system at one to three wind farms, one of which will be off-shore. The group participating in this proposal is a unique combination of industry (wind turbine manufacturers and electric utilities), wind farm operators, consultancy and research making it possible for the first time to carry out such a project successfully. The group consists of expertise in implementation of power prediction systems, remotely controlled sensor systems, wind turbine control, maintenance, and wind farm operation. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans: The output of the project will be a system, which will be sold by a consortium formed by the project partners. The system consists of hardware (servers, sensors, cameras, cabling infrastructure) and software. We do not expect to develop a 100% bullet-proof system, which is why the user interface to the wind farm operator will be given much thought and emphasis, to make sure that the operator can intervene based on the best available information about the status of the wind farm. To make the system work it will be necessary to have a subscription to on-line weather predictions from the local meteorological service. The system will be platform independent because it is based on open standards as HTML (and XML) and Java, making it extremely easy to implement in almost any environment. It is not foreseen, however, that the system can be sold as a software package, it will be sold as a licence to a software system and members of the consortium at the wind farm will install it. The system is anticipated to be used in potentially any wind farm, with a special emphasis on off-shore and remote on-shore wind farms.

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