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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Production of clean hydrogen for fuel cells by reformation of bioethanol ('BIO-H2')


The proposed project deals with the production of H2 from biomass-derived ethanol, for mobile applications, through processes that offer zero emissions of pollutants. This will be accomplished with the reformation of ethanol produced by fermentation, which is a renewable energy source. It will be developed a complete ethanol reformer system. The H2-rich gas obtained will be fed to a fuel cell suitable for powering electric vehicles.
The project addresses the following issues:
(a) The need for enhancing the use of renewable energy sources in transportation and electricity production;
(b) The need for development of a technology to facilitate the introduction of fuel cell vehicles.
According to the project programme, the major deliverables have been achieved as planned. No significant deviations between planned and actual work have been encountered. WP1 has been completed as planned: a technical report from ENEA and CRF have been issued covering the optimised conditions for bioethanol production and the LCA of bioethanol production and cost evaluation. WP 2, 3, 4 are still in progress as planned.

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