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The aim of POLLEN is to support European publishers of interactive educational materials in developing and testing production methods for the design of multimedia materials in the sciences for large public audiences. The materials will be delivered via off-line (CD-ROM) and on-line (interactive TV) channels. The choice of production and delivery methods will take into account the numerous constraints of time, quality and cost. The research-based collaborative production will be tested and validated with two prototypes in the science domain. Both of which will be designed for on-line and off-line delivery and will be demonstrated in real life situations in France and Germany.

The overall aim of the POLLEN project is to support European publishers of interactive learning materials to develop and test production methods for designing multimedia educational materials, in the domain of science, for large public audience, that can be delivered through off-line and on-line channels, taking into account the numerous constraints of time, quality and costs imposed by commercial publishing.

A methodology for the collaborative design and the production of specification will be developed based on results coming from didactic research. The method will be tested and validated thanks to the prototyping of two products in the domain of science, each of them being implemented for on-line and off-line delivery.

The project will have two demonstrations in real-life situation in the region of Stuttgart, and in the region of Ile-de-France.

The main anticipated results are: a practical method to create and specify interactive learning materials; two pieces of educational multimedia software, in three languages, which could be exploited as elements of CD-ROMs to be commercialized; quantitative and qualitative analysis of two on-line demonstrations about the use of didactic materials by home-learners.

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