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POLLEN addresses the need to combine the effective use of new media for education and training with cost-effective high-quality pedagogy. The project also allows multimedia publishers to develop an open-platform, content-independent formula for designing and testing advanced educational multimedia products. The methods under development are being applied in the domain of science education and are aimed at broad public audiences such as school or home-users. The delivery of the courseware over standard and high-speed Internet networks allows for detailed comparative assessment and evaluation of the optimum form which the courseware should take in the future. However, the courseware can be delivered through off-line as well as on-line channels, a feature that takes into account the numerous constraints of time, quality and costs necessitated by the commercial publishing world. The POLLEN project is based on a new methodology for courseware content design. This is the result of extensive theoretical research in education and didactic analysis, which has already been carried out in both Europe and the US. The core of the concept mapping methodology is linking concepts, which allows information designers to break down a field of study into its constitutive components which then stand in rich knowledge-giving relations to each other, imparting educational value through their intelligent structure and consistently intuitive interface.

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