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Exploitable results

Communication with students in other EU countries is one of the most effective ways to learn about their culture and language. With partners in four European countries, SAELN offers students the chance to experience learning German, French, Spanish and English in a trans-European, multimodal virtual classroom environment. This is combined with traditional teaching and learning. The interactivity between language students is based on regular videoconferencing, e-mail, telephone conversations and complimented by the use of CD-ROMs. Students can thereby develop a range of information technology skills beyond the basic elements of the language being studied. The project also focuses on the creation of new multimedia resources which go beyond existing Internet materials. These new multimedia language-learning facilities integrate video with sound and text and other facilities into an interactive context which creates a rich learning environment on a local area network. A multimedia fileserver is also available for the storage of multimedia materials for additional courses from other education providers. In all cases, the delivery media uses standard established protocols.