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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Simulation des incendies de forêts


The aim of this project is to develop behavioural models of fires
of vegetation adapted to European conditions.

Existing knowledge on physical phenomena and
spatio-temporal contexts will be collected and organised. Using
this knowledge as a starting point, a methodology will be
developed, which will enable the identification of the situation
and the assembly of the corresponding numerical models to enable
a given situation to be processed.

Various fuel model already in existence will be examined, so as
to establish a common protocol on all the pilot forest ranges
chosen (Spain, France, Greece, Belgium). A fuel typology will be
realised by multivariable statistical analysis.

An analysis of existing combustion models will be carried out
from a range of viewpoints: the domain of physical validity,
their qualitative properties, the quality and capacity of the
numerical methods used. If necessary, new mathematical models
specific to forest fires will be developed, based on existing
models and on the experimental data.

A state of the art, focused on the mathematical and numerical
aspects, will be carried out on the existing wind models and
codes for the simulation of the atmospheric flows over complex
terrains in the absence of fire. The possibility of linking
these models to geographical data bases, particularly as far as
the numerical models of the terrain are concerned, will be

To ensure the maximum possible advantage experiments will be
carried out in such a way that the parameters necessary for the
modelling may be well determined. The models will be finally
tested on laboratory and in-situ experiments and they will be
compared on past, controlled and real fires.

The set of information and the results obtained by the
participants in this project (data on fuels, propagation models,
information management architecture, etc.) will be finally
integrated in a data base.

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