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Desertification risk assessment and land use planning in a Mediterranean coastal area


To develop and provide a methodology for the assesment of
degradation and degradation hazards in hilly mediterranean
coastal areas with a land use dominated by forestry. To
add valuable information to the design of a global plan that
combines the touristic and urban demand, the development of
local population and the environmental conservation.

The study area will consist in a forested hilly coastal area
(Southern Gavarres, Girona province, Spain) where
multidisciplinary analysis of impacts and trends in land use will
be carried out.

Two main tasks will be undertaken. Firstly the determination of
present and past land uses by means of inventory studies based
on photograph, satellite image interpretation and on field
control. Secondly the study of surface hydrology and erosion of
representative land use units at a small catchment level and at
a plot level which will give quantitative values on the defined
landscape dynamics.

After an inventory study of the land use and identification of
representative land units, their present state of degradation,
hydrological response and erosive dynamics are studied in
relation to land use. Particular attention is paid to the
relation between soil and vegetation, and its implications for
hillslope hydrology and for the potential degradation in relation
to various impacts (for example, forestry, agriculture,
urbanization, fire).
In a number of experimental catchments, representative for the
major types of land use, runoff characteristics, soil and
nutrient losses, and other relevant parameters will be
quantified. Results from the inventory study and experimental
study are used to predict both magnitude and location of
(potential) impacts of relevant types of land use.

Field experiments, GIS-techniques (including remote sensing) will
be the basic tools used.

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