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Mitigation of Hazardous releases by fluid curtains engineering predictive model validation by wind tunnel experiments


To develop a better understanding of water curtains as a method of dispersing gas leading to an optimisation of their design.

This project constitutes the continuation of the research performed by the partners during the last 6 years in the field of hazardous gas mitigation by water curtains. This work has led to a model of the hydrodynamic, thermal and physico-chemical actions of a single spray on a gas cloud. This model has been validated by producting experimental data. This project will extend this successful model to the modelling of a complete spray curtain regarded as an inhibitor and a dispersor of toxic gaseous substances. Validation by wind tunnel experiments will be achieved. For the first time, definite conclusions will be drawn about the total performance that can be expected from this promising mitigation device.

The major steps of this proposed research are the following :

* Enhancement of the fluid curtain efficacy requires a strategy for the selection of appropriate chemical additives. An experimental determination of the thermodynamics and kinetics data for different gas-liquid binaries. In relation with the absorption of the hazardous substances will be undertaken (CO2, Cl2, NOx...);

* To maximize the liquid flow rate per unit length of a fluid curcain and thus expect an increase forges entrainment one makes the sprays overlap;

* A real situation, the spray curtain operates generally in windy conditions. Its solubility and dispersal performance can be hindered by the wind strenght to such an extent that is becomes important to identify the limits of curtain applicability.

The experimental techniques developed by VKI and ITC-Lyon for the hydrodynamics and mass transfer analysis of single spray will be used for the wind tunnel study of the complete fluid curtain.

The outcome of this proposed research will consist in an engineering computer code conceived to provide guidance for the design of fluid curtains and for the evaluation of this mitigation performance.

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