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Institutions for Sustainable Development in Ecologically Sensitive Areas in China


To analyze and evaluate the system for the development of sustainable agriculture in ecologically sensitive areas in China. The project intends also to contribute an exploration of how to analyse complex environmental policy systems with regard to their potential for achieving sustainable agriculture development.

The research focuses on : (1) the performance of the existing environmental policy system, and (2) strategies for its further evolution.

The project methodology includes:

i) a thorough review of existing literature and existing written material;

ii) one field research session in Beijing, in wich interview and observations are used to (a) identify the national institutions and agencies for development policy and analyse their role in policy making on sustainable development and protection of the environmentally sensitive regions; (b) analyse the concepts and ideas on sustainable development as they appear in current political and scholarly debates;

iii) one field research session in China (mainly at local levels), in wich interview and observation techniques are used (a) to examine two case studies of project implementation, including their imbeddedness in central and local administrative structures, their internal organisation and their processes of decision making; (b) analyse how the two case studies reflect the concepts and debates on sustainable development and on environmental policy making; (c) analyse the socio-economic impact of development projects in the two specific case studies. The field work is realised in the provinces of Henan and Jiangxi,wich were chosen for their economic relevance and for the various forms of ecological degradaton wich they suffer.

The project provides help in policy formulation by explaining the policy making process surrounding projects implementation in China.

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