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Incentives and obstacles to the implementation of more sustainable methods in agriculture in Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain


To analyze the obstacles and incentives to the implementation of more sustainable agricultural methods in Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain.

The project looks at regional/local implementations issues and consists of four main parts:

1. Analysis of EC and national environmental regulations -the description of selected social , structural and environmental regulations in the light of general policy-making traditions in the EC and in the three countries in order to see to what degree environmental policies are consistent with the process of deregulation and traditional political approaches to the area ;

2. Questionnaire on farmers' attitudes - the use of fertilizers and pesticides and their relative importance, the variation in farmer's attitudes to the consumption of fertilizers and pesticides and the relationship between attitudes and behaviour are assessed through a large questionnaire survey of farmers. The findings allows an evaluation of which factors help and which hinder the implementation of more sustainable methods in agricultural production;

3. Farmers' study groups - farmer research has proved that study groups form a platform for discussion, exchange and transfer of information and knowledge, which lead to a voluntary integration of new ways of production in farm practices. The project focuses on study groups recomendations in order to provide support to these groups for the development of an effective system of farming less dependent upon public support;
4. Implementation of environmental regulations on the regional/local level - the compulsory measures, e.g. regulations carried through by the EC and national parliaments and how they work at the regional and local level. The actors covered are both regional/local authorities, farmer's unions, farmers, extensionists and cooperative organisations.

The project allows both the discussion and the promotion of methods to overcome the obstacles to the implementation of more sustainable practices in agriculture.

The project has been selected for additional funding under the PECO Programme. The project includes partners from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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