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Etna tomography : Novel approach by seismology. Etna volcano behavioural model : frame of the three-dimensional heterogeneous edifice andplumbing system from seismic tomography


Seismic tomography imaging methods will be applied and new ones
developed to reveal the internal structure of Mt. Etna volcano.
This structure will be interpreted and discussed with the
relevant recent eruptive and seismic activity in the view of
constraining the behavioural model of the volcano. The project
aims at using a variety of seismic methods to obtain maps and
sections of heterogeneous interior in parts of the edifice
crucial in its activity.

The work will be carried out in the following steps:

planning and carrying out a field text experiment: its objective
is to scan a variety of seismic sources and seismic receivers in
the specific field conditions of Mt. Etna so as to optimize the
design of main field experiments. It will employ different
explosive charges in different type of drill holes and both
academic and industry type recording equipments.

Carrying out the three main field experiments: Mt. Etna will be
sounded with seismic wave with different configurations:
artificial sources - academic type receivers, artificial sources
- industry type receivers, and natural sources (earthquakes) -
academic type receivers.

For the first two cases, the geometry of wave propagation from
artificial sources will cover the three main methods of seismic
exploration. Refraction seismic profiles will be carried out
with recorders aligned with shotpoints. Multiple coverage
reflection will be carried out with a seismic exploration spread
and multiple source locations along it. In c) the academic type,
natural earthquakes receivers will be installed in an array
complementing the Italian permanen monitoring array so as to
increase the spatial coverage from that sufficient for source
location to that necessary for structural imaging by tomography.
Shear wave in addition to compressional data will be gained.

Processing data and interpretation. This phase will have two
aspects in parallel, the data merging and processing with up to
date methods and techniques already developed, and the research
and development effort of methods to be adapted to specific
aspects which will show up upon inspection of data.

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