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Improvement of nox reduction catalysis


The primary objective of the proposed investigation is to develop new catalysts for the deep removal of NOx from the flue-gases of stationary sources. This will be achieved by a) optimizing the supporting and electronic properties of the support (Ti02) by doping and b) determining the optimal structural parameters of the catalyst formulation and achieving them through proper catalyst preparation procedures.
The proposed work aims at contributing to the development of a new technology through the realization of the following tasks:
- Lab-scale preparation, characterization and screening of new catalysts
- Study of the intrinsic kinetics of the reactions involved.

a) Design of new de-Nox catalysts for stationary sources

The development of new catalysts with improved activity, selectivity and poisoning tolerance for NOx reduction will be studied. In this procedure the following lines will be held:
- Modify existing de-NOx catalysts by adding special dopants in the lattice (doping) or on the surface of
their support (promotion).
- Explore the potential use of binary active phase de-NOx catalysts.
- Study novel impregnation techniques, to improve the dispersion of the active phases.
- Study innovative copper/microporous solid catalysts

b) Kinetic and catalytic performance studies of the NOx reduction by NH3 on new developed catalysts.

The proposed methodology to study the kinetics of the NOx reduction on the new developed catalysts and evaluate their performance, is as follows:
- Steady state experiments over a wide range of conditions and at low conversions by cofeeding NOx and
NH3 or NH3/02 mixture at 1 bar total pressure. GC will be used as a detector for gas analyses.
- Transient experiments (making use of step changes in the feed concentration) using on-line mass
- Transient isotopic experiments (making use of 17NH3 and 1802)
- Catalyst performance measurements under integral reactor conditions.
- Catalyst performance and kinetic measurements using SO2 or light olefins as poisons in the feed stream.

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