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Impact of hydrometeorologic changes on slope instability


To improve our knowledge concerning how water flows over and
circulates through soil, at the scale of the catchment area. To
improve our understanding of the spatial distribution of water in
soil, at the scale of the test area. To improve our knowledge
concerning the way water acts upon mechanisms of mechanical and
physico-chemical degradation. To improve the design of
surveillance networks, the procedures of installing monitoring
systems, and the methods for interpretation of results. To
evaluate the efficacy of standard reinforcing work.

Research for this programme will be carried out from a conceptual
viewpoint, as well as through an experimental approach that is
based on work at three sites. The work will cover the following

Inventory and analysis of traditional models for studying slope
hydrology, distributed hydraulics and stability calculations.

Runoff analysis at the scale of a catchment area, based on
satellite images or aerial photographs and digital elevation
models, and using computer-based tools for managing geographic
information (GIS or SGBD-R), the whole based on light field

Analysis or runoff at the scale of the site, based on much
heavier instrumentation for obtaining data on meteorological
phenomena, pore pressure, degree of soil saturation, tensiometry,
potentiometry, hydraulic conductivity, flowrates, etc., and
requiring multiple investigation techniques (drilling, trenching,
geophysics and laboratory tests).

Consolidation of the initial models, based on experimental

Return analysis of restoration or reinforcing work on unstable

This work will lead to proposals for European recommendations
regarding selection and design of sensors and data--recording
systems for monitoring ground movements, establishment of
procedures for surveillance and giving warning, drawing up of
ground--movement hazard maps, and restoration and reinforcing

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Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)
Avenue De Concyr
45060 Orléans

Participants (3)

Iris Instruments
1 Avenue Buffon
45060 Orléans
Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
3508 TC Utrecht
Stichting Grondmechanica Delft
2,Stieltjesweg 2
2600 AB Delft