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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Mediterranean campaign of photochemical tracers-transport and chemical evolution


To develop further understanding of the meteorological and chemical evolution of ozone related trace gases in a typical Mediterranean coastal densely urbanised area (the Greater Athens Area).

The project includes both experimental and modelling work. It will address the following general research tasks, directly linked to the specific Mediterranean environment under study :

- study of the chemical and meteorological evolution of ozone related trace gases (over land and sea), modulated by the various synoptic and local meteorological conditions (sea/land breeze circulation, local winds inversion layers, etc.) and their influence on the North European atmospheric composition,
- quantification of background levels of ozone in the Mediterranean urban (semiurban) atmosphere,
- contribution to the improvement/evaluation of available mesoscale photochemical dispersion models and to the design of rational strategies to abate severe photochemical air pollution episodes in coastal urban/industrial Mediterranean areas.

This would be achieved through the conduction of a mesoscale field experiment (over land and sea), involving advanced remote sensing and in-situ analytical chemistry instrumentation, installed on ground based and airborne platforms. The combination of this technology will enable simultaneous measurements of the main ozone related air pollutants and meteorological parameters, over land and sea, with high spatial and temporal resolution.

It will also be possible to get a 3D description of the major mechanisms governing

a) the mesoscale wind flow and
b) the 3D dispersion, transport, exchange processes and chemical transformation of ozone related trace compounds in the planetary boundary layer and in the lower free troposphere (0-5 km).

The outpout dataset of this project will contribute to the evaluation of various mesoscale photochemical and dispersion models, presently available in Europe and elsewhere.

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