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Budget of ozone over the North Atlantic


To improve the knowledge of the processes which control the budget of ozone over the North Atlantic.

The objective of this proposal is to improve our knowledge of the Budget of Ozone over the North Atlantic (BOA). The project is directly related to NARE.
To understand the ozone budget in the marine troposphere, it is important to quantify and to compare the magnitudes of the different sources and sinks. An important question is to understand the correlations between ozone and its anthropogenic precursors observed in the marine troposphere and the anticorrelation between ozone and nitrate aerosol.
The research will based upon datasets on ozone, precursors and other photooxidants that have been gathered in the frame of the EUROTRAC sub-project TOR and on vertical profiles of ozone and water vapour being collected routinely at Tenerife. It is planned to expand the activities by complementary measurements and by episodic studies of the vertical structure of ozone in certain episodes. Through co-operation with the AEROCE programme, we also have access to data which document the composition of atmospheric aerosols with regard to nitrate, non-seasalt sulfate, 210-pb and 7-Be.Besides statistical and meteorological analysis dedicated model studies for long-range transport episodes will be used to answer the above question.

The BOA project will be carried out by five groups from four European countries. CEC funds would make it possible to expand th ongoing activities and strengthen the European position in NARE.

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