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Stratosphere troposphere exchange study by aircraft measurement


The free troposphere and lower stratosphere play a key role in global change.
The proposed project aims to further develop and apply an instrumented high flying aircraft (13-14 km) to perform fast response chemical and dynamical measurements in process studies connected to upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric chemistry in middle and high northern latitudes. Thus, a group of institutes has been involved that represents the state of the art in the development of airborne instrumentation for the study of multiphase atmospheric chemistry.
The STREAM project (Stratosphere-TRoposphere Exchange study by Aircraft Measurements) builds upon a Dutch-German initiative, which has resulted in a successful measurement campaign in the Arctic lower stratosphere in February 1993. During this first phase of the project numerical models have been developed or adapted to support the analysis of the measurement results.
The modeling effort will be further strengthened, while satellite column ozone observations will be used in connection to ECMWF analyzed meteorology to study the dynamics of the tropopause region.

Scientific objectives of the proposed project are to contribute to the understanding of - exchange of trace gases, in particular water vapour and ozone, between stratosphere and troposphere, connected to synoptic scale disurbances and fronts - convective transport of trace gases, in particular ozone precursors and sulfur species, from the boundary layer into the free troposphere, connected to synoptic scale disturbances and deep thunderstorm convection - the chemistry of the lower middle and high northern latitude lower stratosphere and the possible role of heterogeneous processes - the effects of aircraft emissions in the chemistry of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, in particular to try to identify critical chemical parameters that will enable the detection of aircraft exhausts in this part of the atmosphere.

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