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Measurements and modelling of ozone and aerosols in the northern atmosphere


The primary aim of this programme is the study of stratospheric aerosol and PSCs by means of lidar and backscattersondes. Simultaneous lidar measurements and ozone soundings will allow a statistical study of the correlation between aerosol and PSC dynamics and ozone depletion processes.

For the MOANA experimental campaign the instrumentation already present at the Sadankylä Observatory (67°N, 26°E) of the Finnish Meteorological Institute will be integrated with the following systems and studies:

a) Multispectral depolarisation lidar for measurements of PSCs, aerosols, high cirrus clouds, stratospheric temperature. A new multiwavelength measurement technique should allow to improve the accuracy of the PSC and aerosol particle size determination with respect to the EASOE data analysis.

b) Backscattersonde producing vertical aerosol profiles. They distinguish between stratospheric aerosols and PSCs and also provide some information on aerosol particle size. Such experiments could operate in the cloudy periods when the lidar can not operate and for a few launches simultaneously to the lidar multispectral measurements, thus enabling cross checks on the obtained aerosol profiles and particle size evaluation.

c) Theoretical development of the microphysical model of PSC formation and shape. Application of such models to the measured aerosol loading and use of the Conservative Coordinate Reconstruction Technique to compare measurements carried out at different sites and at different times. This will enable to better understand the condition for PSCs growth.

The other scientific activity which occur in Sodankylä (ozone soundings by means of passive ground based UV Visible spectrometer SAOZ, balloon ozone sonde and PTU soundings), will be beneficial to this programme and will be incorporated for the science development. Specifically the ozone sonde and PTU data, provided by Sodankylä Observatory, are of fundamental importance to this programme.


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