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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Evaluation of technical priorities for the treatment of industrial wastes, taking into account the cost of environmental impact


To analyze the environmental impacts on health, population, agricultural produce, aquatic organisms, forest produce of different industrial waste technologies, both current and projected and develop a common and standard methodology for the evaluation of these waste technologies.

The project utilizes the methodology of Impact Pathway adapting it to the waste treatment.

It consist of the following phases:

i) the quantification of emissions of pollutants (SOx, NOx, CO, dust, heavy metals, dioxins ) in the atmosphere, water and soil;

ii) an estimation of the changes in pollutants concentration by a dispersion models for air, water and soil;

iii) an evaluation of the impacts of these pollutants on media such as population, quality of environment and existing pollution levels ;

This information completes an existing database on pollutants and receptors with the datas on specific emissions from the waste treatement (HCl, CO, heavy metals, dioxins), their dose -response functions for mortality, morbidity, crops, terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals, their level in the atmosphere, soil, water, plants, organisms and other receptors. This data base contains also dispersion models in the atmosphere, surface water and soil.

The results of this research are put in a form that allow their utilisation in the life cycle analysis of products, in the last part of the cycle.

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