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The Role of value conflict assessment techniques in the formulation of implementable and effective coastal zone management policies (VALCOAST)


To analyze the requirements for and the societal effects of coastal zone management strategies which are consistent with sustainable development. In particular to explore and develop appropriate valuation, conflict management and decision making techniques for the selection of alternative coastal zone management strategies and empirically test and refine these techniques. The intention is to develop the 'best practice' guidelines on the formulation and appraisal of coastal zone management strategies.

The project aims to analyze the issues underlying the failure of coastal zone management in providing for sustainable development and recognizing the spectrum of values held by different sectors of society with regard to the importance and use of coastal areas. On the basis of this analysis, the project intends to develop appropriate techniques and guidelines to assist policy makers in formulating implementable and effective coastal zone management strategies. A range of conventional and alternative value recognition and conflict resolution techniques are investigated, including an analysis of how such techniques take account of underlying ethical issues and beliefs.

The role of institutional hierarchies and sectoral policy approaches are also being investigated, as are the requirements of balanced information provision. Research findings are tested and refined at each stage of the project through case studies involving the coastal communities of the Solway Firth (UK), Heraklion (Greece) and Albufera Coastal Park (Spain). The case studies are representative of a range of geographical locations and development profiles and involve the direct participation of sample populations from all relevant sectors of society.

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