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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Detection and mitigation of risks associated with pipeline releases


The risk associated with accidental releases from pipelines transporting hazardous liquids or liquified gases over long distances can be extremely significant, as demonstrated by the 1988 accident in Russia, when 700 people were killed as a consequence of an NGL pipeline leak. The overall objective of the present proposal is the prevention and mitigation of accidents that may arise from hazardous liquid pipeline transport, through the use of leak detection systems with appropriate performance characteristics. This will require the integration of risk and reliability analysis methodology with advanced leak detection technology based on a combination of process variable monitoring, NDT and remote sensing methods.
Detailed objectives are:
1.To develop, systematize and assemble risk analysis methodology, and software tools, for determining the characteristics of leak detection systems to achieve desired risk reduction goals for a given pipeline. 2.To develop leak detection systems that can achieve the performance characteristics arising from the risk studies under 1., at an acceptable cost. A tentative threshold is set at a 1% leak in a liquefied gas pipeline. The main detection system will be based on process variable (pressure, temperature and flowrate) control using expert system approaches. A second, independent system will be based on NDT and remote sensing methods.
3.To systematize techniques and software for reliability and unavailability analyses both to iterate with the design process under 2., and to confirm achievement of the performance targets.
4.To demonstrate application of the whole package of procedures and software tools in a pilot study that not only illustrates the use of each component, but also how they dovetail, and must iterate, in order to achieve the desired mix of risk-reduction benefits and costs. The pilot study will be based on an existing pipeline (contacts have been established with Shell International) which will be chosen on the basis of the results obtained in the preliminary phases of the project.

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