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Validation and optimization of an integrated information system for industrial risk management at the regional / subregional level


To validate and optimize the specific criteria of realisation of an information system for risk management at the territorial level as a decision support tool in risk prevention and mitigation activities.

Optimization in this context means striking a balance between scientific demands and available resources (in terms of models and databanks complexity, expertise required from the users, hardware requirements).

Validation means adapting the general criteria to two specific sample areas (the Venice lagoon and Thau pond drainage basins) in order to demonstrate the applicability of the system to concrete territorial and administrative situations.

This general objective is subdivided in three specific objectives :

a) optimization of the risk evaluation and management model developed in the above mentioned first Research Contract;
b) check up of the functionalities of the information system conceived as a prevention and planning tool for industrial risks;
c) verification of the possible cooperation with existing environmental information systems on the regional/subregional scale, with particular reference to the Information System of the Region of Veneto (SIRV).

These objectives will be achieved through :

1. Identification of
1.a. a sample sub-area for each of the two drainage basins considered;
1.b. accident simulations considering toxic releases, fires and explosions;
1.c. simplified environmental sub-systems, describing the sub-areas of concern through a representative subset of significant parameters, chosen among those defined in the previously mentioned Research Contract, aiming to save resources while testing all the functionalities of the model.

2. Two ad hoc developed prototypes, one for each sample area, conceived as field testing/analyzing tools.

3. Contacts with authorities and bodies having jurisdiction on the subject.

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