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Integrated assessment of environmental degradation connected with forest fire in European areas


To develop operational methodologies for forecasting, assessing and alleviating the effects of
forest fires in European areas.

These methodologies will be based on the management of data dy Land Information Systems
(LIS), specifically adapted to the current purpose.

In the first step, risk areas ranging from the sub-basin to the main basin will be identified on
the basis of the actual land use obtained by remote sensing data processing. Climatic
conditions derived from the statistical analysis of meteorological data, collected by means of
available meteorological station network and the morphology of the area, derived by from the
available maps on different spatial scales, will be also condidered. Finally information on
human infrastractures and where possible, forest fires data in the last decades from historical
archives will be taken into consideration.

In the second step, present fire events will be monitored by means of ground instrumentation.
In particular, telecameras and radiometers operating in the infrared and microwave regions of
the electromagnetic spectrum will be tested in real situations. An overall analysis of the forest
ecosystems will be also performed in order to estimate the impacts of fires, in particular the
effects of increased soil erosion, in each single case.

The final step will be devoted to the evaluation of possible actions for minimizing fire risk
using GIS technologies. An ecological classification will be carried out to define land
suitability for different forest and non-forest ecosystems in order to optomize possible actions
of reforestation. Possible different destinations will be also examined, taking into consideration
needs for environmental protection and conservation.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Accademia Economico Agraria dei Georgofili
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50122 Firenze

Participants (5)

Fondazione Scienza per l'Ambiente
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Hunting Technical Services Ltd.
United Kingdom
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Società GF Galileo SMA Srl
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Università degli Studi di Genova
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16145 Genova
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