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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Particulate pollution and stone damage


The objectives are to achieve the following goals:

* improved models describing the deposition and accumulation of pollutants under real conditions

* improved damage functions for the soiling of building surfaces

* recommendation for care and conservation, based on the above conclusions

This research will consider particulate deposition and accumulation mechanisms, following 3 methodology approaches:

a) Tracer experiments, using aerosol generators to produced "marked" particles of desired size and composition.

b) Chemical analysis of depositing particulate matter, including measurements of speciated hydrocarbons, total organic carbon and PEC. Optical properties will be related to soiling and surface adhesive properties will be related to accumulation/retention.

c) Single particle analysis of depositing particulate matter, using classification techniques based on automated analysis by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

This SEM approach incorporates microprobe analysis and so complements the bulk analyses summarised in approaches (a) and (b).

In additions, the SEM results will be subjected to fractal analysis to describe the extent and depth of surface coverage.

As a result of these integrated approaches, we expect to achieve:

- improved models for particulate deposition and accumulation processes,
- improved understanding of the role of particulate matter in stone decay,
- improved damage functions for soiling. These results will provide an important scientific basis for recommendation regarding the care and conservation of historic stone.

The team taking this proposal is experienced at transnational collaborative research, including joint research on the STEP 90-0097 project.

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