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Emissions of methane isotopomers due to production and oxidation in landfills


To study the CH4-emissions from different landfills using the stable isotope ratios 13CH4/12CH4 as a powerful tool for identifying the underlying mechanisms of methane production and oxidation prior to the CH4-release into the atmosphere.

Several measurement and sampling campaigns will be performed at various landfill sites in the Netherlands and in Germany. Criteria of the landfill site selection are :

* deposit of municipal solid waste
* the landfills should be representative for European waste management
* the history of landfill usage has to be known.

The following measurement program will be performed :

process studies will be carried out at the landfills. For this purpose, three kinds of landfill gas samples will be taken :

a) surface emission samples taken by static chambers;
b) depth profile samples taken from the landfill covers (soil air samples);
c) samples taken from the landfill gas collection systems (if available).

On these samples the following measurement will be carried out :

- d13C and dD (CH4) [TDLAS and MS]
- d13C (CO2) (c only) [MS]
- CH4, CO2, O2, N2 concentrations [GC-TCD]
- 222Rn activities (a+b) [ionisation chamber]

Additional parameters to be measured are temperature and relative humidity of the soil.

Atmospheric samples around the landfills will be taken in order to determine the mean isotopic composition of the CH4-emission (upwind-downwind). Particular emphasis is focused on temporal and site-to-site variations of isotopic signatures.

Measurements :

- d13C and dD (CH4) [MS]
- CH4-concentration [GC-FID]

d13C- and dD-measurements of samples with different CH4-concentration around the landfill sites will yield the averaged isotopic signature of this source.

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