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Fluoride emission abatement in heavy clay products manufacture by process modification and control


The objectives of this project are i) to reduce fluoride emissions to atmosphere from the firing of bricks, roofing tiles and sewer pipes by process optimisation and control, and ii) to develop novel control systems to ensure the most efficient use of existing end of pipe emission abatement technology.

The project programmes combines the expertise of three major research organisations BCRL of the UK, TNO of the Netherlands and Forbairt of Ireland. It is being supported by the heavy clay manufacturers in these countries.

A fundamental study of the mechanism of fluoride release from a clay body will provide the basis for selecting and studying process optimization variables and abatement additives. In all cases care will be taken to operate inside the process limits that are possible within the industries at which the research is aimed.

The major research task is an investigation into how theses process optimisation measures can be most effectively combined to reduce fluoride emissions without affecting product quality. This work will take place both within research kilns and industrial production kilns to replicate a manufacturing environment.

In parallel with this research is the development of an on-line feed back control system for flue gas scrubbers based on a continuous hydrogen fluoride analyzer. This development will enable existing scrubbers to be operated at maximum efficiency thus reducing raw material consumption whilst ensuring prescribed limits are met.

It is estimated that process optimisation techniques could reduce fluoride emissions from heavy clay manufacture by up 50 %. The benefits to industry will be cost effective emission abatement solutions; to the environment greatly reduced fluoride emissions, landfill burdens, raw material consumption and energy use.

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