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Integrated water resource management for important deep european lakes and their catchment areas

Exploitable results

Objectives: The EUROLAKES project intended to improve the current strategies concerning the long-term management, short-term pollution control, and integrated monitoring regarding deep European lakes and their respective catchments areas. Project activities led finally to recommendations to European legislation and the EU Water Framework Directive concerning an integrated water management approach. These efforts were supported by specific scientific investigations to describe the seasonal dynamics and quantification of limnological key processes and parameters in deep European lakes. Sets of criteria to substantiate ecological water and ecosystem quality targets for lakes and their surrounding areas were established and a recommended generalised model structure of a dedicated lake/catchments model regarding these important water bodies was elaborated. Scientific achievements: Additional ecological criteria and indicators for the consideration of water quality in deep large lakes have been elaborated. Some major key processes for these water bodies have been investigated and management experiences gained by integrating catchments and lake modelling for water quality. Decision support tools for two lakes (and their catchments areas) have been successfully established as examples for the way to improve integrated water management around and in deep large lakes. Main deliverables: Recommendations for the inclusion of specific characteristics of deep large lakes in water policy; proposals for additional water quality indicators for the WFD; suggestions for improved management of catchments and lakes in an integrated way including the use of coupled models. Socio-economic relevance and policy implications: The results contribute to the currently ongoing process of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. In this respect four EUROLAKES Policy Briefs have been elaborated. Conclusions: The EUROLAKES recommendations are of major importance on future planning of management strategies of river basins, which include large deep lakes. Dissemination of results: Results are disseminated via a public website and through a number of public reports. Keywords: Lake Management Strategies, Water Framework Directive, Environmental Indicators, Lake Ecology, Lake Modelling.