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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Research, design and developement of a rov based seismic recording system for use with 4c transducer arrays


There is a growing awareness within the Oil of the advantages of using Four Component (4C) Transducer Arrays for marine Seismic Data Acquisition. This technology cannot use dynamically towed arrays, currently universally used by marine sismic surveys. Instead the 4C arrays, currently universally used by marine seismic surveys. Currently all the research being carried out involves deployment of the arrays from surface vessels. The 'TTSC' proposal is to deploy the 4C array a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which will also contain the recording electronics. The project will involve researching and developing the ROV based recorder, 4C array interface, recorder-to-vessel interface, and surface control electronics. We consider that this technique will offer significant improvements in versatility and productivity over the current methods. Additionally, the multi-disciplinary nature of the project is well suited to a collaborative venture.

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Trevone Bay, Padstow C
United Kingdom

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